On-Demand Alcohol Delivery

“Sometimes, wine is just necessary”

Good Times Delivered…

Alcohol delivery at the push of a button.

Wine, Beer, Cocktail & Spirits delivered to you in under one hour.

DrinKuaidi powers a prime service combining excellent selection and price, content-rich and personalized experiences, as well as the speed and convenience of on-demand delivery.

Order from WeChat - App - Website (drinkuaidi.com.cn). 


How To DrinKuaidi ?

  • Order anywhere: Get your favorite drinks delivered to the office, home or right from the pool…
  • Select in minutes: Choose from an expert selection offering highly competitive retail prices with an on-demand service!
  • 1-hour delivery:  Tell us where you are, a driver will meet you in record time. You’ll get your Sauvignon Blanc chilled, cool beer, lemon with your vodka, ice for your Mojito…
  • Secure payment: online (WeChat Pay) or upon delivery (WeChat Pay or Alipay).




12pm - 2am

  min. order ¥78 - delivery under 1 hour
  min. order ¥175 - delivery under 2 hours

For those who prefer to plan ahead, we offer the ability to schedule deliveries in advance.


  min. order ¥175 - delivery in about 3 days

 No ice and fresh fruits included in deliveries outside of Shanghai.


Event & Corporate

Organize your events with us.

Offer a unique experience with craft cocktails by DrinKuaidi.


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